Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter holiday in Bansko

Today we present a great opportunity to relax in the most popular winter resort in Bulgaria – Bansko. We have chosen to introduce you one of the luxury hotels in the city “Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko“.


“Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko” try to do everything possible to be a hotel for a 5-star family holiday. In Pirin flagship of the oldest luxury chain in Europe know very well that the family holiday would be difficult to achieve without entertainment for the kids. Therefore, except Bulgarian and international sports stars who invited specially for the season opening on December 17, decided to celebrate the big day with the presentation of a new mascot – a teddy bear. He called it Todorka, the name of the top in whose foothills are the favorite slopes to skiers. Probably not coincidentally the name of the pet coincides with that of the most popular toy throughout the English-speaking (and not only) world – Teddy Bear, named after the 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt. The story says that in 1902 while hunting in Mississippi his friends surrounded the bear to help him and he can shoot something. However, Roosevelt refused to kill her. The story appeared as a caricature in the press and the owner of a New York shop – Morris Mitchum, ordered him to produce a series of “teddy bear”.


And in Bansko the newest member of the team of “Kempinski” arrived on a special mission – to make the stay of children in the enchanting and unforgettable experience. And because the world is crazy about the idea of creative tourism, which by definition means a break to be combined with enrichment of knowledge and skills here have thought that the utmost apply to kids. Regardless of age, their adventure is guaranteed even with the entry. They will be welcomed by the team of special children’s reception, where you can fill your funny registration card. Each will receive an individual passport and a list of challenges and tasks that must decide during the stay.


To the “еxcellent students” none other than Teddy Todorka will give prizes. Its plush version he could even travel with the family to their home. Beyond that, a separate section with healthy food and drink for a strong start to the day, prepared personally by the chief Carsten Rabe, will welcome the hungry in the morning buffet at the restaurant “Gallery”. Completely new children’s menu will be served in the restaurant “Come Prima”. Last but not least Kempinski The Spa will surprise little sweet with a tempting procedure. The aromatic massage “Chocolate Delight” will not only make them have fun, but will give them energy throughout the day. Thanks to VIP ski passes, exclusively offered to guests here long wait of the gondola remains in the past.


The weather conditions in Bulgaria are great for winter holiday, so pack your things and go. Don’t forget to take warm clothes, because there is a lot of snow. We recommend to book in advance your airport transfer. Choose some good transport company, which provide ski transfer, Bansko to be calm and secure at your arrival.

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