Monday, August 14, 2017

Does your house stop you from discovering love?

Everything in our lives is energy that is constantly moving and transforming. Therefore, it is very important to be careful what messages you radiate to the universe, it is very likely that it will respond to them. The home is the place where one spends most of his time and according to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the energy message the home radiates can greatly influence our lives. Imagine the energy in your home as a living being that needs to move in order to move all the aspects of your life. If you come home every single night, unfulfilled with your life and rarely do new things and changes, it will be your life. You will also find it extremely difficult to find love.


Let’s see which are the most common things that are likely to pull you back:

You do not let the pain go away

They’d broken the heart and you still can not get over it completely? Are you keeping old love letters in your home or a photo album? Still sleeping in the bedroom you chose together, right? Try to remove all the things that remind you of old connections, their energy connects you with pain that pulls you back. Clear the path ahead of you and allow something new to enter into your life.

Cold kitchen

Image of kitchenUnderstand this phrase literally – it’s a kitchen that is not used, where it is not cooked. If you do not have a mate, you probably think it is pointless to cook for yourself or you make something very fast. According to feng shui specialists, it is very important to keep the fire in your kitchen by using the stove.

Even if you bake some muffins to take to the office, you will be able to achieve the desired success.

In fact, the kitchen can literally invite the love in your life, that is the area that feng shui associates with the stomach, and who does not like to eat? You can even add a few candlesticks to boost the effect of the hot kitchen.

Everything x1

Do you have at home pictures, pictures or figurines that are of one person or a symbol of loneliness. It is best to Image of picturesremove them because they “talk” to the universe that you are aiming for it – to be alone. Try everything in your house in pairs, put two bedside tables next to your bed, look at all the pictures and cards you see everyday and notice whether there are lonely men or women on them. If you have a souvenir with a kitten, for example, buy a companion. So your home will be better balanced and you can attract your mate.

Revision of flowers

Image of flowersFlowers are wonderful according to feng shui, but too much of one thing is not good. Keep in mind that plants take energy from the earth, and earth is the energy of love and relationship. So if you have a jungle at home, it is best to give some of your flowers. Check the southwest corner of your home and see if there are plants to suck your energy. It is imperative that you do not have flowers in your bedroom and yes, the floral motifs on the covers are also counted!



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